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Movie match made in heaven

Cinema goers can look forward to a new film starring Kevin Sorbo of 'Hercules: the legendary journeys' fame. Sorbo has teamed up with Fox News presenter Sean Hannity to put together the new film, which is titled 'Let there be light.'

Sorbo has described the new offering as "faith-friendly" and has likened it to "'Ghost' meets 'Heaven is for real'".

The president of the Trinity Park Cinephiles, John Cuff, has welcomed the news. "We can't wait. Hannity and Sorbo together - it's going to be movie gold." The Cinephiles have announced a Sorbo marathon to be run at the Smithfield Cultural Centre on the next two Sundays, including 'God's not Dead', 'God's not Dead 2' and selected 'Hercules' material.

When approached for comment, the president of the Smithfield Atheist and Sceptic Association (SASA), Jonas Humberstone, was unsure of the merit of the announcement. "We sazzers are pretty torn on this one," he said. "A lot of us can really see the ascetic value of Sorbo's early work but we certainly can't stomach the god-bothering. There's a rumour going around that they might put on 'Hercules and the Amazon Women'. I'll be there like a shot if they put that on. Big fan of Lawless."

The SASA meets on Sunday evenings at the Smithfield Cultural Centre. All welcome.

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