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Oh mercy: limerick controversy

The recent limerick competition run by the Plain Dealer has been struck with controversy with claims of nepotism and poetic dishonesty. The competition, which required the use of the words 'avocado' and 'Mexico' attracted more than a thousand entries and had a first prize of a trip for two to Mexico.

Keith Gundersen (pictured above) of Redlynch has claimed that limericks entered by himself and other members of the Edge Hill Poetic Society were vastly superior to the winning entry, penned by Mitchell Murchison, 12, of Parramatta Park.

Mr Gundersen has claimed that his entry was "objectively better" than the winning poem. "The kid's poem was just shit", he declared. "It wasn't even a limerick. Imagine how crap it was before his mum helped him."

Gundersen has alleged that Mr Murray Murchison, editor in chief at the Plain Dealer and father of Mitchell, had influenced the result. Mr Murchison is currently on assignment in Mexico and has not been available for comment. Gundersen insisted that the Plain Dealer publish his limerick. He will recite it and other works at the next meeting of the Poetic Society on Tuesday evening at the Edge Hill State School hall. The limerick is produced below.

A wily income tax cheater,

To leave Mexico incognita,

Took two avocadoes

And shoved them down his clothes

To be quite the gay signorita.

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