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Dunk weighs in on twitter Waugh

The 'Innisfail-Show', Ben Dunk has finally weighed in on the three-way Twitter battle between twins Steve and Mark Waugh and the 'Sheik of Tweak' Shane Warne.

The controversy began when Warne labelled Steve as "the most selfish person I know" during his stint on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here" in 2016.

Proving that blood is not necessarily thicker than beer, Mark sided with the master leggie, recalling Steve's relentless domination of the Gray Nick Super Scoop bat they shared as boys. "We had one good bat between us, the Scoop, and Steve never let me use it," Mark said. "I had to use an old Duncan Fearnley that was falling apart. It was fucking terrible. I couldn't middle one at all."

In response to Mark's continual snipes in his commentary on Channel Ten's Big Bash, Steve has laid some pretty heavy blows on Twitter. He has described Warne as "unfalsifiably bald and having a startled look about him" and Mark as "irrelevant" and "completely unaware of where his off stump is."

Given his stature in the game, there has been mounting pressure on Dunk to comment. He broke his silence today. "Look I don't want to come down too hard on either side," Dunk said. "But I think it would be fair to say that Steve learned more about cricket in the four minutes between their births than Mark has learned since." Dunk went on to describe his own form for the Adelaide Strikers as "unorthodox but optimal".


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