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Explosive revelations from Karl

Karl Stefanovic (pictured) has responded to mounting pressure to pass his learned eye over the controversial Plain Dealer limerick competition. The contest required budding poets to wedge the word 'Mexico' and 'avocado' into a five-line tome.

The nominated winner, Mitchell Murchison, of Parramatta Park was awarded the first prize of a trip for two to Mexico. Several other entrants have come forward claiming that their limericks were superior to that of the winner. There have been persistent calls for Stefanovic, contributing editor at Vanity Fair and twice nominated for the Booker prize, to make an adjudication on the outcome of the contest.

Stefanovic was reached by the Plain Dealer this afternoon. "Really sorry guys, but I have to recuse myself from any review of the competition," he said. "You see, I put in an entry myself under a nom-de-plume, so can't be involved. Actually, I think my ditty is pretty good. It's the one about the chili avocado. As for the comp, I reckon you should give Dicky Wilkins a call to help you out. When it comes to poetry he averages in the nineties."

Meanwhile, at a meeting of the Edge Hill Poetic Society this evening, aged-care worker Keith Gundersen and Councillor 'Two-Bob' Schilling had a loud altercation and a frank exchange of views. The two men eventually came to a position of mutual respect after a lively rhyme-off.

"I'm still not convinced that 'business' rhymes with 'isthmus', commented Gundersen. "But I sure learned something about the geography of Mexico. And that prick can rhyme like a muther-fucker. I'm still chuckling over 'Puerto Vallarta' and 'picture show farter'. Been there!"

The limerick penned by Dick Bigg (aka Karl Stepanovic) is reproduced below. Richard Wilkins could not be contacted for comment.

In Mekiko should you look at an atlas

Is San Christobal de las Casas

Where in the Mercado

I ate avocado

Which burned a hole clear thru my ah-ass

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