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Mixed feelings on the TPP: Winter is coming for farmers and hackers

There have been mixed reactions to the announcement this morning that the United States has pulled out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). ‘Big’ Tom Gilmore, mayor of Mareeba, has voiced concerns over the impact this will have on exports from the region. “Obviously, the lychee guys are OK,” he said. “But the peanut and banana blokes are absolutely fucked.”

Sitting firmly on the other side of the argument, Eden Franks from illegal download advocacy collective the Smithfield Streamers, expressed some relief. “I’ve got to say this is great news, “ said Franks. “There was real danger that the fascist copyright protections in the TPP would mean some of us harmless streamers might end up ‘going orange’. We’ve been using crazy levels of proxy spoofing and deep DMZ, but now we can just hook into the NBN with iiNet. Best surprise since the Hodor reveal."

In related development, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo (above) confirmed that events such as the Melbourne Cup and the Cairns Ukulele Festival would not be affected by the announcement given that they were a “culturally significant events”.


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