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JT invited to Trump Towers, Cronk constructing tweet.

Newly crowned FNQotY, Jonathan Thurston appears to have been invited to join the Trump administration in some undefined role. After last night's FNQ all star game in which JT dominated, an online storm erupted when POTUS Donald Trump tweeted about the little master.

The tweet (below) appeared to be in the form of a haiku and some are interpreting it as an invitation to join the Trump team as he takes on the US judiciary.

Thurston, who has a masters degree in international law and has previously worked at the UN High Commission for Rugby League, shrugged off the speculation, preferring to talk about the win.

"All I can say is that the boys played really well tonight. The boys stuck to Hair-hat's plan," said Thurston. When pressed about Trump's tweet, Thurston was circumspect. "I know Don really needs to work on his completions and options when he's down in the opposition's twenty-two. I could probably help with that, but I'm pretty busy with the Cowbs, the airline and my work with the Magnetic Island Innocence Project," he said.

CEO of the NRL, Todd Greenberg, hinted that the organisation would do everything it could to help with Thurston's availability. "Look, we're all concerned about the Islamist threat to 'the greatest game of all'," he said. "If JT can be of assistance over there we could probably give the Cowboys, say, twenty five points start for the first five games plus some salary cap concessions and send him over to slap a couple of boomerang kicks into the SCOTUS."

Cooper Cronk was unavailable for comment on the tweet, but agent Richard Greeley told the Plain Dealer that Cronk was "crafting his response." "He's really keen to get the syllables right," said Greeley.

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