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Farewell to the great man, Long Live Prince Graeme

Mayor of Mareeba, ‘Big’ Tom Gilmore , has attended the abdication ceremony of Prince Leonard of Hutt River Province. Citing failing health and diminished enthusiasm, the venerable monarch is succeeded by his son Prince Graeme.

Speaking from the Hutt River Hotel and Post Office, Mr Gilmore was clearly moved by the occasion. "It was really historic," he said. "His Royal Highness has been such a friend and inspiration to all secessionists and he is a great guy to blow the froth with."

Prince Leonard has been a regular visitor to Far North Queensland as a consultant to various committees dealing with secession related issues.

"I first met His Royal Highness on the Committee to Assess the Practicality of an Independent State of Tolga, "related Mr X. "Val Shier, Cookie Katter, JT and Ben Dunk were all involved. He had some great ideas, but the CAPIST never really achieved escape velocity. Constitutional issues and too many vested interests. Bloody JT always wants to be king and Val wanted a another tiara. Another one! Same story with the big plans we had of Mareebistan and the Atheist Republic of Cow Bay. Ashes in our mouths."

While at the principality, Mr Gilmore will be exploring expanding the bilateral trade relationship between Hutt River and Far North Queensland. "It's early days, but Prince Graeme seems really progressive," he said. "They've got the wildflowers, we've got the peanuts and coffee. We can help them with their postage issues and even with defence. It's a no-brainer."

Due to his absence, Mr Gilmore will not be streaming his usual Sunday podcast 'Big Tom Big Ideas' today. It will return as usual next week.

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