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'Big Brown Bugger' desecrated

Police have asked for any information the public might have on what they described as a "desecration" of the 'Big Brown Bugger' termite mound east of Speewah.

According to Senior Sergeant Cameron Gibbons of Mareeba Police, the popular monument is estimated to have been vandalized within the last three days by "at least three" perpetrators and given the scale and precision of their work it is likely that "this is not their first rodeo."

Senior Sergeant Gibbons went on to say that unspecified accoutrements have been mounted on the mound in a "greatly disrespectful way" so as to make it resemble a "Mexican penis." He would not elaborate how this had been achieved other than to say that the miscreants probably had "power tools and a deep knowledge of Mexican husbandry".

Early this afternoon, police raided various business in the city area and were observed removing sombreros, corn chips, and bottles of tequila from Montezuma's restaurant in Lake Street.

Police have asked anyone who may have any information on any termite crimes to call CrimeStoppers on 1800-55509870.

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