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CCC: Wackos want to vacuum the little bitty babies, SASA: helping police. PM: silent. Cowboys v Rai

A group of protesters conducted a legal street-march through Cairns on Saturday calling for the decriminalisation of abortion. Members of the Woman's Choice Alliance, the Far North Queensland Gynaecological Society and the Freshwater Swingers were all present. Numbers were slightly down because a contingent of stirrers from the Smithfield Sceptics and Atheists Associations were helping police with their enquiries over an earlier incident at Brother's Leagues club.

The march began peacefully, but as it entered the esplanade area a group from the Cairns Christian Coalition (CCC) began heckling and praying at them.

The CCC is a well respected ecumenical organisation representing several churches and assemblies in the area. They are known for their work in helping the homeless and disadvantaged through the city. Spokesperson for the CCC, Michelle Mulgrave, was appalled by the idea of legalising abortion.

"When I think about those beautiful little angels getting suffocated and vacuumed up by those wackos, it just breaks my heart," Mrs Mulgrave said. "We're really looking out for the rights of the innocent unborn. They are all the children of Jesus. Remember, he holds the little bitty babies in his hands. He's got the whole wide world in his hands."

Spokeswoman for the Women's Choice Alliance, Imogen Foster-Black, was equally strident in her opinions. "We're more than happy to look at the ethical issues, especially with late-term procedures," declared Ms Foster-Black. "I'm a semi-Catholic myself, but if some triple-C wanker is going to sing Kumbaya and tell me that a handful of cells has a soul and it's a sin to kill one of God's creatures then I'll respectfully tell them to fuck all the way off."

North Queensland Prime Minister Val Shier has refused to comment on the issue. Meanwhile, the Cowboys commence their 2017 campaign against the Raiders on Saturday at 'The Smiles'.

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