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Elton to visit Peter the Peanut + spaceport

Whilst all far north Queenslanders are abuzz with the news that Elton John will be visiting the area for a series of concerts later this year, two Walkamin residents have a special reason to be excited. This is despite the fact that Elton's voice has gone to shit.

Ian and Karen Delaney, peanut farmers, line-dancers and retail entrepreneurs, have described how the pop-music superstar has developed a frisson for their road-side mascot, Peter the Peanut (above). "Elton has followed Peter on Facebook for yonks," explained Ian. "So many likes. He reckons that Pete looks a lot like an emoji of that percussionist and dickhead Ray Cooper".

Elton's agent, Fran Curtis, kindly responded to the Plain Dealer's request for clarification. She advised that Elton would indeed be visiting Walkamin while in the far north, and was also very interested in meeting the Delaneys and perhaps spontaneously performing an album track under the peanut. He is also likely to visit the construction site of the Tolga Spaceport. According to Ms Curtis, "Elon is very interested in some astro-couture design doodles Elton and David have been working on for the moonshot patsies. It's all very nouveau Jetsons and super chic."

In preparation for Elton's visit, the Delaneys have considered extending Peter, or adding spectacles and a foreskin. The couple are currently considering their options and said that they did not want to "overcapitalise the peanut".


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