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Beyonce wins tickets to see Adele concert

Young Beyoncé Phelan, 9, of Machans Beach (pictured above with her brother Usher) is the proud winner of the Plain Dealer's 'Big-A' competition and will travel to see superstar Adele in concert in Brisbane, Australia, on Sunday.

The Plain Dealer received over fifteen thousand entries for the competition, which required entrants to provide a drawing or sculpture of the songstress. Beyoncé's winning entry (below) completely blew away the judges with its moxy, artistic breadth, and encapsulation of the singer's trademark "unabashed timidity and timid unabashedness".

Her mother, Mariah, was as pleased as punch. "Of my three girls, little Bee really deserves this the most," Mariah said. "She's a great little girl, but I really didn't give her much hope of winning. Her doll is a bit shit really. She's nailed the pregnancy thing, but I don't think the hair is quite right."

Beyoncé will travel to Brisbane with her grandmother, LaToya Ferguson, who describes herself as an 'Adele tragic'. "Oh I love her - 'A' is just so genuine," gushed LaToya. "She has got such a beautiful soul. It's like she's singing my life with her words. Believe me, I've had a few no-hopers put their stinking hands on my body too. Haven't we all."

Little Beyonce, who was home from school today with an undifferentiated sniffle, was almost unable to contain herself. "I can't wait to tell Paulini and Ricki-Lee when they get home from school. They're gonna cry."

The prize is as awarded and absolutely no correspondence shall be entered into. The Plain Dealer is unable to return unsuccessful entries.

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