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Sir Ben avoids the wacky stuff

Sir Ben Lee is cock-a-hoop over the release of his brand new album 'Songs about Islam for the whole family'. The indie rocker has come a long way from his folk-rock roots, such as "We're all in this together" and Claire Danes.

Sir Ben, who was raised in the Jewish faith, wanted to be able to explain Islam to children as a way of reducing intolerance and bigotry in the next generation.

"There is probably no better way to communicate to a child than through a catchy ditty," Sir Ben said from his home in Newport Beach California. "When I want to ask Goldie to clean her teeth I've got a little song for that. Or sometimes I just text her."

The new album is in direct response to the recent immigration controls instigated by US President Donald Trump. "I just want to make the Muslim people a bit less terrifying," explained Sir Ben. "Obviously I concentrate on the fun stuff, like ramadan and fashion and how Islam is the religion of peace et cetera. I do my best to avoid the wacky death-cult side of things."

Sir Ben has been approached to headline this years Ukelele Festival, but has declined to commit due to "big plans with Josh Radnor." His music can be heard everywhere in the north, but his best known work has been adopted as the Cowboys' end of season theme-song. Each year the boys fly off to an undisclosed location to the various strains of 'Catch My Disease'.

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