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Greg Hunt picks up some shit

Officially designated 'Best Minister in the World', Greg Hunt, has travelled to North Queensland to talk with local officials about indigenous health outcomes, regional clinical service delivery, and to take some bullshit back to Canberra.

While enroute to the Atherton Hostpital, the entourage stopped to allow Hunt's biographer to take a few snaps for the upcoming tell-all tome, 'Good Greg Hunting: The Greg Hunt Story'. It was then that Australian Minister for Health and Sport (pictured above) bent down and picked up what he thought was a handful of dirt. It turned out to be fresh bovine shit.

When he realised his mistake, Mr Hunt was immediately apologetic to hobby beef-farmer and dragon-boat captain, Errol Watson, whose property Hunt was visiting. "He was pretty embarrassed," chuckled Watson. "He kept muttering about upsetting the food cycle and asking where he should 'redeploy the excrement'. I just told him not to worry, consider it a souvenir, and that he should just put it in his pocket. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously."

Mr Hunt laughed off the incident. "I'm up here to shake a few hands and pass on a bit of wisdom. But, I really wanted some Instagram promo shots of a Whitlam style handful-of-sand moment and I somehow picked up some shit," explained Mr Hunt. "It seemed like such a great opportunity to get a snap because I'm hardly ever at the coalface. I'm the guy that legislates for coalfaces and closes down climate change."

Hunt is perhaps most remembered in the Far North for his impromptu press conference in the Rydges carpark in 2013, in which he was dressed as a clown-fish (below). On that occasion, as pre-secession Environment Minister, Hunt announced a range of coral-bleaching measures that have proven wildly successful.

Minister Hunt is expected to don some high-vis and visit skate-park and paintball facilities tomorrow in Cairns. His press spokesperson confirmed that he would also be "dropping into Lowes to pick up some chinos."

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