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Lila Downs plays Kuranda tonite! Hijabis welcome!

Enigmatic Mexican songstress Lila Downs has been confirmed as a 'pop-up artist' to headline the fifth annual Cinco de Mayo concert at the Kuranda Amphitheatre tonight.

It is a great coup for the Kuranda Chamber of Commerce and Barter (KCCB) to have lured the world famous performer to the event. She is expected to be joined on stage by Grammy-nominee, Dayne 'Guzman' Caine and Cairns superstar performer David Hudson.

Rumours abound that concert organisers have been challenged somewhat by the contract-riders requested by two of the performers. Reportedly, Caine has asked for an electric toilet to be installed into the greenroom, and Downs is understood to have requested a "CD player and chocolate and bullets."

"We didn't end up having too many problems," said KCCB Chairwoman Imelda Quirke (below). "We had a spare hush-fitted Tōyō Tōki Tōure 3000 lying around at the office. Luckily, the local gun clubs have come on board with the bullets and the Mareeba Council are helping us with the brown stuff. They have plenty left over from the sculpture festival and we've got a bunch of volunteers repacking it into an what we think is an acceptable presentation for Ms Downs. It's a cultural minefield."

Every year, organisers have underscored the free-spirited and eccentric nature of the event with the use of idiosyncratic costumes and themes, such as "Coryphantha underwear anyone?" (2014) and last years "Freedom comes without a Welcome Mat".

This years theme, "I married ISIS", has met with controversy in some circles, with vocal opponents claiming that is demeaning of women who have made poor choices in their love-lives.

"It's nothing like that," explained Quirke. "The theme is really a nod to all the Nobel-prize winning Egyptian-inspired songwriters, and there not many of them in Syria. And we really want to make welcome any hijabis that want to come along. They can rock-out with their socks out and flail-on with their veils on. Peace!"

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