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The beer that ended a civilisation

A team of scientists from William Bligh University (WBU), in conjunction with Mexico City’s Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), have successfully brewed a version of the pre-Hispanic corn beer that was favoured by the Aztec civilisation.

It has been postulated by historians that the extreme predilection of Aztecs for Quetzalcoatl Bitter, as it has been named, may have been responsible for the rather relaxed response to the Spanish Invasion. It is further argued that Hernando Cortez, who was a man of legendary capacity, may have made use of an early type of drinking game to fleece the Aztecs of their gold.

In resurrecting the ancient brew, the researchers had to overcome the natural reluctance of corn to taste anything like beer. Eventually, they made use of various age-old techniques in extraction and retraction to fool the brain's flavour-cortex into thinking that a fine lager was being imbibed. The process has been patentented and interest has already been shown by the Coopers, the Northern Brewing Company and Tooheys.

In the data validation stage, the beer has been made available for students at WBU refectories and nightclubs and has proven to be extremely popular. It is expected that Quetzalcoatl Bitter will go on sale at Dan Murphy's in time for Ramadan.

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