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Sources: Jaguar attacks Ringo

There are grave concerns within the intelligence community that the recent wildlife exchange between the Mexico and North Queensland governments could lead to significant security concerns.

The so-called CrocJag Initiative was intended to promote bipartisan trade and wildlife agreements, but instead may have exposed the inner workings of the NQ government to foreign and malevolent agents.

Former NQSIO operative and now security consultant for Castillian Risk and Intelligence Services, Lex Hader, was contacted by the Plain Dealer for comment. "I'm a specialist in left-of-boom strategy and soft-power hardening and this jaguar exchange is raising all kinds of flags, most of them red," said Hader from his office on Castle Hill. "The FlexMonterrey people are state-of-the art in their micro-drone, insect-drone and spot-implanting technologies, and, mark my words, that fucking jaguar has fleas."

Minister for Defence and Intelligence Services, Dame Lisbeth Trickett, scoffed at the suggestions. "The very idea that Jorge would be a party to hosting, or abetting, any espionage activity is simply laughable," said Dame Trickett, speaking from a prepared statement outside the Brickhouse. "He's such a lovely fewwa. He's a pussy cat, really, and he most certainly does not have any fleas that I've seen."

After Jorge (pictured above) was first relocated to Townsville, he was given the complete freedom of the Brickhouse. Following an alleged fracas involving first-dog Ringo (below), Jorge was moved to a fenced area adjacent to the Daffodil Garden.

Ringo has since not been available for official engagements, reportedly due to "frettishness".

Jorge refused to comment either on the alleged altercation with Ringo, or the allegations of spying.

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