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Arse or Elbow: you be the judge

The Trinity Beach Plain Dealer's annual Arse or Elbow competition is now open. Each year, a member of the Plain Dealer team takes a photograph (above) of themselves in the privacy of the editorial offices and then it is up to the entrants to try to guess whether the photo is of an arse or an elbow.

This year, our model is the ever-popular Allan Povah who has produced a mind-bending puzzle for the readership. He is a tricky fellow, and a little hairy!

The popular contest has been running for five years, and is easy to enter. Follow the link on our website to pay the entry fee of forty-two dollars, fill in your details and make your guess. First prize is a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.

BetTolga currently has great value on Arse, which is paying at $1.25.


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