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Gordonvale Gurus are Kabaddi Champions again

The Gordonvale Gurus Kabaddi and Chapati Club have been crowned North Queensland senior men's kabaddi champions for the seventeenth year running.

The yellow-and-reds were too strong for their bitter rivals, the Bentley Park Beards, eventually running our 187-2 winners in front of over fifty thousand fans.

Captain of the Beards, Jawal Singh, was quick to praise his opponents. "Full credit to them - the Gurus were just too good," he said court-side after the match. "They can really hold their breath, and were just too strong on the raid. Had us gasping."

The North Queensland Kabaddi League (NQKL) has attracted burgeoning support in the region, particularly from female fans who appreciate the athleticism and tight shorts.

In response to the increasing interest in the game, president of the NQKL, Ronnie Singh, has announced ambitious plans to expand to a three team competition, with second tier club, the Smithfield Sikhs, attracting sponsorship dollars from Prius and Uber.

"It's a big step," explained Mr Singh. "We've survived pretty well on the two team concept but feel that we need to expand north of the Barron. Fingers crossed."

The new season sign-on day and mixer will be held next weekend at Munro-Martin park. All welcome.

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