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I am not Yemeni: Shier

Prime Minister, Val Shier, tabled documents in Parliament yesterday proving that her Yemeni citizenship became invalidated well before her election in 2013.

The certified documents from the Yemeni Home Office in Sana'a confirm that Ms Shier lived in Yemen between 1972 and 1977 and attended the École française d'Aden, studying French Literature, Greek and Whirling. It also confirms that her citizenship was revoked by the Yemeni government as part of a purge of foreign nationals following the Arab Spring revolution in 2011.

Whilst the PM's actions have in some measure reassured the Parliament, she and the government still have questions to answer. In the last week, the BrickHouse has been rocked by revelations that seven opposition and twelve government members and senators retain foreign citizenship which could make them ineligible to hold office.

Given that Ms Shier was born in Syria to Mexican parents, and was raised by her Croatian half-uncle in Samoa and Yemen, the leader of the opposition, Lawrence Springborg, has rightly been insistent that Ms Shier provide proof that she is a legitimate Prime Minister.

Speaking today at a press conference at Cactus Jack's on Palmer Street, Mr Springborg was clear in his message. "I call on Prime Minister Shier to provide evidence that she she is a true North Queenslander with no allegiance to any other nation, especially Mexico," he said.

Ms Shier flew out this morning for crisis talks in Seoul. Acting PM, Greg Dowling, was unavailable for comment.

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