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Mitchell rolls perfect alfoil sphere; might make toggle

Parramatta Park boy, Mitchell Murchison, has rolled a perfect sphere made of alfoil (pictured above).

The piece of alfoil originally contained some dried apricots that had been packed in Mitchell's lunchbox. Upon finishing his lunch, Mitchell then sculpted the alfoil into a perfect sphere (above).

"I just scrunched it up," said Mitchell. "Then when I was about to chuck it in the bin I noticed that it looked like a soccer ball. Only silver. And tiny."

Mitchell showed the sculpture to his teacher, Miss Karen, who implored him to address the school to communicate his achievement to the rest of the students.

Mitchell's mother and busy home-maker, Sharon Murchison, described the sequence of lucky coincidences that led to the shiny wonder being brought into the world.

"I wouldn't normally use alfoil with lunchbox fillers," she said. "But I'd used my last Gladwrap and IGA had run out except for the ones with the guillotine cutter which I refuse to buy. So Mitch got my last bit of alfoil for his apricots. So lucky."

Mitchell is circumspect about the possibility of putting the sculpture up for sale. "Dunno what I'm going to do with it,: he said. "I'm thinking about making it into a toggle on my sombrero."

When asked for comment, Piccones IGA Regional Manager, Tessa Knopp, confirmed that the 20m, 50m and 100m cutter-bar variants are now in stock.

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