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Natalie wins Arse or Elbow competition

The winner of the annual Plain Dealer Arse or Elbow competition has been announced.

Natalie Lord, 27, of Kanimbla, correctly identified the photograph, by contributing editor, Allan Povah, as being of a kneelbow.

Over 480,000 people entered the competition to try to guess the body-part, with about 478,000 guessing that it was Allan's arse-crack.

Allan took time out from his duties at the Plain Dealer to explain the genesis of the photograph.

"I was basically doing a semi-somersault with my head between my legs to try to get a nice tight shot of my arse-crack," explained Allan. "I fuckin slipped over and the iPhone went into burst mode and captured my swinging ball-sack and my kneelbow. It all went to committee and they decided on using the kneelbow shot (below) in the comp. Split decision."

Ms Lord wins $80,000, a weekend for two at the Tolga Holiday park and a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.

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