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Trinity Beach is brown

From the top of Earl Hill to the tip of Taylor's point, the trees, leaves and nature-strips of normally verdant Trinity Beach are looking brown indeed.

"Yep, she's pretty fuckin' brown," opined local resident, Neville Fitzhardinge of Cayley Court. "Hasn't been this brown since this time last year. But the wet is just around the corner I reckon."

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised that there is an 80% likelihood of some precipitation later in the week, but that soaking rain is still some ways off.

Dam levels at Lake Morris remain high and City Council have confirmed that no measures need to be taken to ensure continued supply.

"Water restrictions? Fuck no," said Cairns Regional Council Divison 2 representative John 'Two-Bob' Schilling. "She'll be right. It'll piss down any day now. Anyway, we're totally preoccupied in Council on the Uke Festival and other unexpected issues. We've had to arrange another short-notice fact-finding trip to Sydney next weekend. Go Cowboys!"


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