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Yes campaigner apologises for fascist comments

Outspoken gay-rights activist and Secretary of the Far North Queensland Enemies of Fascism (FnqEnFa), Gwen Nicholson-Smith, 31, of Mount Sheridan (above), has apologised for comments in which she described prominent 'No' campaigner, Joshua Cooke, as a "nothing more than a Nazi fascista" on her popular 'Left is Right' podcast.

Mz Nicholson, who is a lecturer in Linguistics at the William Bligh University, held a short press conference today at the Smithfield Cultural Centre.

"To all humans present, and those who identify as trans or part human, and to all those, alive and dead, that have breathed the air that I am breathing now," she began, "I appear today to apologise to Mr Cooke, and to all who may have experienced some emotion on the spectrum of offence, for the remarks I made on my podcast. I had too many ethically brewed ciders that evening and unequivocally admit to have falsely accused Mr Cooke of being a fascist. I am humbled by his recent admission of having made fallacious arguments, and in the spirit of equable righteous indignation, withdraw my remarks."

Mz Nicholson concluded by saying that Mr Cooke and those like him can vote however they like. "These people are free to hold their views," said Mz Nicholson. "They are not fascists but merely fucktards".

Mr Cooke was unavailable for comment.

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