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L'Unicos apologises for blackboard art

Management at the popular Trinity Beach eatery, L'Unicos, has formally apologised for blackboard art that appeared outside the establishment last week.

The six-word artistic statement (above) has offended the vocal and influential feminist organisation, Vasey Remedial Bitches (VRB), who have claimed that the message is an unambiguous slur on the group and their lifetyle.

"Our learning disabilities vary widely," explained Lucinda Craddock, Treasurer of the VRB. "But most of us are dyslexic, and none of us wear brassieres. This is clearly a fascistic howl aimed to normalise us into a bunch of big-titted Pygmalion types somnambulising into a stray D-Cup. Shame."

L'Unicos management refused to confirm or deny that the responsible chalkist was Jimmy "Chub" Locke, who has been in hot water previously over lewd and lascivious restaurant art.

The Cairns Blackboard Artists Association is reportedly investigating the incident.

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