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Gavin to retire from politics

Following his recent unsuccessful candidacy for the seat of Hinchinbrook, the popular North Queensland entrepreneur and philanthropist, Gavin the Parrot Fish (above), has announced his his retirement from politics.

Gavin, who represented the Fish and Sheep Party (FSP) is a long time confidant of Prime Minister Val Shier, and had been touted as a possible cabinet minister. Gavin was initially the front-runner in the polls, but his popularity plummeted when he was rocked by a series of controversies, including several allegations of underwater groping.

Mr Parrot has strenuously denied these claims, and continues to maintain that he does not hold citizenship of Vanuatu, and has never been a houseguest of Joko Widodo.

In a press conference in Trinity Inlet today, President of the FSP, Des Salmon, spoke warmly of Gavin and wished him well in his future endeavours.

Given his particular skill-set, Gavin is expected to be highly sought after for a role in telemarketing or sushi.

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