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Amcal segregates waiting area

In what is likely to be a controversial decision, the Amcal pharmacy at the Campus Shops in Smithfield has announced that it will be segregating its waiting area for "operational reasons."

A special seating area (above) has been allocated for patients seeking medication for incontinence.

Josh Brendixsen, a pharmacist at the outlet, has explained the decision. "Our priority is to provide the highest quality medical care possible," he said. "Our cleaning protocols and dispensative outcomes will be best served by fitting a few chairs with prophylactic pilchers. Hence the decision."

It appears that other pharmacies will not be following suit. "We have a completely different clientele," explained Rudi Samanchara, duty pharmacist at the Chemists' Warehouse in the City. "We've much more of an issue with the junkies, the ferals, the crusties and the blithers. The wrinklies and the pissers are the least of our problems."

Spokesperson for the Barron River Incontinents' Collective (BRIC), Edna Healy, has expressed some support for the Amcal initiative. "It's a bit of a relief actually," said Mrs Jacobs. "Really pleasing that we're being shown this consideration. We know now that we don't have to worry about a bit of minor seepage while we're waiting for a hit of Oxybutynin."

In support of the initiative, the Smithfield Amcal will be offering complimentary bottles of Go-Less with every prescription of Solifenacin.

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