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L'Unicos apologises over Swiss diss

In response to outrage from the Far North Swiss community, L'Unicos Trattoria in Trinity Beach has released a formal apology for the blackboard art that appeared outside the establishment last week (above).

Spokesman for the Cairns Swiss Society, Gerd Meier, was strident in his criticism of the artwork. "We're more than just financially obsessed fence-sitters," Herr Meier said from his Chalet in Manunda. "We are the nation of Roger Federer and Tissot. And Stan Wawrinka. And Hingis. We are a proud people and we are so much greater than the sum on our flag."

Artist Rodney Blaine has blamed the offending artwork on pressures to remain fresh and original in the cut-throat blackboard art industry. He is also reportedly suffering from shin-splints.

It is understood that Mr Blaine will be stood down from his chalking responsibilities on full pay until an investigation is completed by the Cairns Blackboard Artists Association (CBAA).

The CBAA is yet to release a report into earlier investigations involving controversial former L'Unicos chalker, Jimmy Locke.

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