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Tablelands organisation announces restructure

The Atherton Tablelands Organisation for Meteor Survivors (ATOMS) has announced that it's annual general meeting will be held in Ravenshoe on April 2nd this year.

ATOMS is the peak body for meteor-strike victims in the far north, and boasts a membership of around 15,000.

ATOMS President, Anwar Smith (above), has presaged a change in direction for the organisation, given the burgeoning membership and recent deaths among key personnel.

"We lost treasurer Andrew Gibney and the Harrison twins as a result of injuries sustained in their meteor events," explained Mr Smith from his bunker in Tolga. "And given the number of strikes we've confirmed over the last year, we may need to look at an organisational subdivision based on regions or body-parts. We'll see what the membership has to say."

Mr Smith has urged all Tablelands residents to take precautions against the possibility of a meteor strike, a threat that appears to be worsening.

"I was struck at least three times yesterday, but that's pretty normal for pension day," he said. "It's never a good sign when there's a hijabi drinking a mocha at the Superstar Cafe."

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