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Song-doctor to appeal TayTay court case

Music industry stalwart, Eric "Song-doctor" Murray has voiced his disappointment in the outcome of the recent court case involving the authoring of Taylor Swift's mega-hit, 'Shake it Off'.

Swift and her fellow songwriters, including Murray, were being accused of stealing key lyrics to the song. The plaintiff had alleged that 'Shake it Off' plagiarised the 2001 hit 'Playas Gon Play.' The Fleetwood Mac standard, 'Dreams', was also referenced as having similar lyrical themes.

During a lengthy court case,, it emerged that Murray had written the key parts of all three songs. The presiding judge described the lyrics as "banal" and not containing enough content to constitute any breach of copyright.

Subsequently, the judge found in favour of Swift and Murray, and award them costs and one million US dollars in punitive damages.

Murray, who is currently on a lecture tour in Eritrea with Guy Chambers, has been outspoken in his criticism of the finding. In particular Mr Murray has objected to the judge's use of the words 'banal' and 'ordinary'. He intends to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.

Ms Swift was unavailable for comment.

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