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CL rocks the Olympics

Best known for her thoughtful and introspective pop standards, such as "Hello Bitches" and "Doctor Pepper", K-Pop superstar CL rocked the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics at the weekend.

Musically, little has been heard from the global fashion icon since her last release nearly two years ago. She took a hiatus from her recording career in 2017 to walk the Camino de Santiago and to complete her doctorate in Neuroscience.

CL also somehow made time to star in the reality TV show 'Livin the double life" after a chance meeting with show producer Jeon Sung Ho on the Camino.

"The walking was medicinal and time-consuming," related Jeon. "Then, when I first met with CL, she was both who I expected her to be and completely different. She was confident and she shone ... but she also had the image of a furry white bunny. It was a miracle. She is someone you want to root for. I wanted to get to know her better and decided to build the show around her.”

CL is wildly popular in far north Queensland, and there have been repeated rumours that she may headline the Cairns Ukulele Festival this year. Festival Commissar, Florence (Flossie) Henderson, did not return our tweets.

'Livin the double life" screens on Thursday nights on WIN.

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