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March Classifieds


All ugbos, ferals, crusties and weird fuckers in the Kuranda area. Wanna be famous like Susan Boyle or Paul Taylor? Contact @uglykuranda for a obligation free assessment.

Personal Services

Wanted: Cast artist to pretty-up a right forearm half cast. Currently plain plaster white. Looking for something like a moko or hieroglyphics. @tyson_powell

From me to you

To the owner of the premises on which the Lemon Tree Resuarant used to operate in Trinity Beach, any objection to me and a few mates setting up on the deck for some cold ones of an afternoon? Will clean up, promise. @dave_poppolo

Looking for Love

Yellow fever sufferer looking for Filipina nurse type for rickshaw outings and GFE. Would consider matrimony. @gotitbad4yellow

For Sale

For Sale: Epson 2530 Multifunction Printer. Currently printing all stripey. Youtube diagnosis is that the printer head is fucked. Tried isopropyl fix - no good. Just bought ink. $100 ono. @campuscomputers

For auction: Various props from the Grey Lagoon production. Includes Mel's stash and Bieber's hair spray. To be held at the Smithfield Cultural Centre 9am 7 April. Cash only.


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