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Solomon cracks one through the covers at the Rondo

The Cairns Dance Ensemble has announced their 2018 Rondo theatre program, which features a range of productions that will excite and captivate aficionados of the dance arts.

The first offering is an adaption of Solomon, (above) an modern dance interpretation of the acclaimed ballet about the life of cricketer Joe Solomon.

Choreographed by Ricki-Lee Coulter, and featuring performances by Greg Ritchie and Rodney Hogg, Solomon chronicles the life of a ne'er-do-well cricketer who wore the wrong sized cap and bowled the occasional leg break.

"We've obviously modernised the original libretto," explained director Alexei Finlayson. "No one wants to see Bill Lawry get out to a wrong 'un. Boring as fuck. We've gone with the pajamas and pink ball, and added a lot of sandpaper and sledging. Initial reviews have been slightly encouraging."

In its initial stages, the production was reportedly beset by some controversy, with legal action undertaken by Shane Warne when he failed to be awarded a leading role.

"Warnie was considered for the role of Ian Meckiff, but he's a fucking hopeless dancer," said Finlayson. "He's got no foundation at all. We had no case to answer. So we went with Fat Cat. Finger's crossed. It's a gamble."

Solomon will begin at the Rondo on 30th April. Tickets are available online or at the door.

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