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Yellow Bamboo studio opens at Smithfield

A new dojo is opening at Smithfield, specialising in the arcane Huáng Zhú fighting style.

The ancient disciple of Huáng Zhú (trans: yellow bamboo) is unlike other contact martial art, as it depends upon the power of the mind to disable opponents and achieve victory.

The core principle is the use of Jù Lí Lì, which when loosely translated means "force at a distance".

A Huáng Zhú master, such as Master Montgomery Wū (above), is able to pick up and throw an opponent merely through the effort of will, achieved through countless hours of meditation and self-delusion.

The 不要尝黄竹 Bùyào Cháng Huáng Zhú studio, located on Ardisia Street, opens tomorrow and is taking registrations from beginners to advanced students.

Brad Hope, of Brad Hope Family Martial Arts was not available for comment.

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