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Sheriff wrangles gator: Robbins not impressed

Footage has emerged of a Florida sheriff wrangling an alligator after it was found in a residential garage.

The three-legged gator, measuring about four feet in length, was captured by the Sarasota lawman using a customised reptile strangling implement.

Chief Crocodile Consultant for the Northern Beaches, Red Robbins, was unimpressed with the extraction.

"Look at the pissy little specimen," said Robbins from his offices at the newly relocated TB Bar and Grill. "Why didn't Tommy Lee Jones just pick the fucker up and stick him in his back pocket and walk him down to the canal. And why the fuck has he got a bullet-proof vest on? Is the gator packing?"

Robbins has previously spent time in the US and the Philippines advising crocodiliac management professionals on limb retention strategies.

The Miami-Dade Sheriff's Department declined to comment on this story.

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