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Scrimshaw wins again

Trinity Park refrigeration mechanic, Jeremy Scrimshaw (above), has won the Holston Bremmer Sachs award for Best Back Tatt at the Far North Queensland Tattoo and Piercing awards held last weekend at Paradise Palms.

As part of his awards package, Scrimshaw received two vouchers for Snippy-Wu's "walk in and crawl out" vasectomy procedure, a carton of Quetzacoatl Bitter, and a lifetime gold pass for SunBus services.

Mr Scrimshaw, who is trained by Todd Carney, has won the award on two previous occasions and had to make some significant changes to his bodywork to be considered for the HBS.

His efforts were clearly worth it -there were gasps of appreciation as he unveiled his overcarriage to the crowd of more than seven hundred admirers. Experts quickly noted the unique Chinese ambigrams on the left shoulder, and the breathtaking laurel green features emerging from the left butt-crack.

Scrimshaw has indicated that he plans to transport his tattoos to Royal Ascot in an attempt to secure the highly coveted Diamond Jubilee Ink award. This achievement would surely place Mr Scrimshaw's laurels firmly in the annals of tatting history.

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