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Essence of Argan added to UNESCO heritage list

The Essence of Argan (EoA) beauty treatment has today been added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

The UNESCO list aims to preserve cultural expressions and customs that may be less than tangible or even somewhat ridiculous.

Other traditions added today include the annual Jalisco pilgrimage in Mexico, the reggae music of Jamaica, traditional Korean wrestling, the songs of Sir Ben Lee, and the Cairns Ukulele Festival.

EoA has been up for inclusion on the exclusive list for some time. This year, the selection committee were unable to overlook the sizeable influence and allure of of advocate and celebrity presenter, Kylie Gillies.

According to the internet, Ms Gillies "even admitted that plastic surgeons are furious with her after noticing a large decline in patients since Essence of Argan was launched on the market."

Ms Gillies was contacted for comment but was unavailable due to "Tuesday solarium commitments." She is expected to make an orange recovery.

Mr Wendell Sailor, who is chairman of the UNESCO committee was also unavailable for comment as he is in a refractory period from the selection process and preparing for the pageant season.


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