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Karl snarls in terse verse

The Yorkeys Knob offices of Tropical Talent today released a press statement on behalf of their client, celebrity pantsman Karl Stefanovic.

Stefanovic has been in the gossip and sports pages lately, with two high-profile marriage-breakups, a liaison with Princess Meghan and an ill-fated stint as high-performance social coach at the Mackay Cutters.

The press release, presumably penned by Stefanovic, was in the form of a haiku. It is reproduced below.

Suit, shoe, crown princess

Ninety nine point nine four three

Suck on that Lisa.

Stefanovic is no stranger to the written arts, having been contributing editor at Vanity Fair and two-time nominee for the Booker prize.

Richard Wilkins was contacted for comment on this story, but declined to respond.

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