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Sheen closes Marinah

The Cairns Harbour was closed over the past weekend to allow filming of the final scenes in the latest episode of the hugely successful UltraTune 'Unexpected Situations' series.

Director Bruce Bereford has continually added variety and interest to an advertising campaign that could have easily be dismissed as stale and overly obsessed with cleavage.Instead, he has reinforced his reputation as a director with panache and vision.

Celebrity pantsman and Booker Prize winner, Charlie Sheen, is the latest A-list-er to be attracted to the franchise and he joined co-stars Tiffanee, Jorja, Marinah and Khloe in the what turned out to be the quirkiest episode in the series yet.

Sheen plays a hero in a bowling shirt who rescues four soaking babes from a car that has crashed into the ocean due to not being serviced by UltraTune. Later, they surprisingly demand the use of Mr Sheen's phone to contact UltraTune. In an extended version of the advertisement, Warwick Capper is compelling as 'The Skipper'.

An insider on the set told the Plain Dealer that, during the eighteen week shoot, Tiffanee, Jorja and Khloe were regular visitors to Mr Sheen's trailer for scheduled servicing. However, Marinah preferred to spend her down-time brushing up on her Mandarin for an upcoming level-three exam.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous told the Plain Dealer that, after the wrap party, "A bunny that looked like Marinah entered Charlie's trailer wif a bottle of scotch and a bong and I heard her shout 'Tā mā de wǒ lǎohǔ xuè rén'. I'd say Charles kick a goal and maybe a behind."

The next installment of the 'Unexpected Situations' is slated to be filmed in the Vatican City next month. Mel Gibson and JaRule are attached to the project. Beresford has again been been named as director. It is not known if Warwick Capper will have a role to play.

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