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Murchison fails in sphere attempt, possible sombrero toggle outcome

Melissa Murchison, 9, of Parramatta Park, has failed in her attempt to sculpt a perfect alfoil ball.

Since her brother, Mitchell, achieved the feat in 2017, Melissa, along with thousands of other children, have been attempting to replicate it. None of them have met with success.

Miss Murchison has been accused of being overly single-minded about the creation of a perfect sphere of silver, and of not doing her share of the wiping up.

"Not really," she said, speaking over little lunch at Mother of Good Counsel school. "I'm a bit disappointed with the left side dimple. But I just need a new toggle for my sombrero. And it's Mitchell's turn on the roster."

When asked to assess the artwork, Professor George Rachel Formica of the Department of Mexican Studies at William Bligh University had some good news for young Melissa.

"There's no reason that Melissa's sculpture could not be rotated slightly and drilled through the left dimple to make a robust toggle," zie said.

At the time of writing Mitchell Murchison was not available for comment.

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